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New Mindfulness Classes in St. Petersburg

8 Session Mindfulness Awareness Training Course Tuesday Drop-In Classes Weekly @ Noon - Station House Mindful Awareness Training Course (MBSR-Style) Registration is now open for the next Mindfulness Awareness Training (MAT-8) course.  Get started on your immersive journey in Mindfulness. Experience the benefits and transformational potential of Present Moment practices. Seven weekly classes combining teaching … Continue reading New Mindfulness Classes in St. Petersburg

A Powerful Force of Growth and Transformation: Your Mind!

A More Mindful You Mindfulness meditation is like Spring cleaning for your mind. Heightening your awareness and acceptance of all that is in and around you: that  is what mindfulness is about.  This includes becoming more attuned to the fullness of life surrounding you, which can sometimes reveal itself in surprising ways. A Mindfulness Based … Continue reading A Powerful Force of Growth and Transformation: Your Mind!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Classes

When you participate in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Training class you tap into a powerful force of transformation and growth - you.  Mindfulness Awareness Training and practice is a research-based method proven in reducing stress,  improving relationships, managing pain, enhancing sense of well-being, strengthening memory and even growing brain matter - all through … Continue reading Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Classes

A New PTSD Treatment | Psychology Today

An fascinating article about how ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy - can be part of a treatment plan to help heal deep trauma. You don't have to have had the deep trauma that this brave person talks about to benefit from an ART session. Trauma can build through childhood abuse, bullying or other types of … Continue reading A New PTSD Treatment | Psychology Today

Aging Doesn’t Have To Include Depression

Having spent several years of my career working with elders, I know that depression, while not a necessary part of aging, is a "normal" experience of human beings, and, it is on the rise in older adults. I also know that when depression does come around, that it can most often be relieved. There are … Continue reading Aging Doesn’t Have To Include Depression

Mindfulness Guides You Through Difficulties

During times of turmoil or upset, when we feel lost, or what the Buddhist monk Pema Chodron calls "feeling the 'groundlessness' of life", it can be helpful to keep a couple of things in mind: First, remember that this experience is transitory - it will change; everything does. Recognizing that whatever is happening is temporary … Continue reading Mindfulness Guides You Through Difficulties

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Gisele Bundchen told Anderson Cooper why meditation is important to her | Boston.com

World famous model, Gisele Bundchen, recently reflected on how meditation has helped her to manage her anxiety and panic attacks. She said: "I think the breathing and meditation daily really helped me because it helped center me. It helped me become the observer versus being in the middle of the storm." Her daily practice is … Continue reading Gisele Bundchen told Anderson Cooper why meditation is important to her | Boston.com

Inflammation-Depression-Mindfulness Connection

#Inflammation is found to be causative of #depression. Research of #Mindfulness practice showed it lessened inflammation markers. One more good reason to cultivate a #healthymind fitness routine including mindfulness #meditation. Read more on the connection between inflammation and depression here: http://ideapod.com/scientists-now-believe-depression-physical-illness-caused-inflammation/

How Much Is Enough?

Check out this great article in Forbes by Jeena Cho. I appreciate  the clarity she brings to the question many of my mindfulness students - and me too! - are asking: How much mindfulness practice is enough? I love that mindfulness has so much research behind it, that the answer is evolving. What I usually say … Continue reading How Much Is Enough?

If The Mind Is A Time Machine

To Dr. Amisha Jha, of the University of Miami, the mind is like a time travel Mp3 player: Press 'Rewind' and it goes back in time to recall and replay past events - sometimes over and over, again and again; Hit "Fast-Forward and off it goes, into the future, projecting outcomes of events not even … Continue reading If The Mind Is A Time Machine

Quest For Gratitude

Finding the zest in living is an everyday quest. To see what we look at; To feel what we are touching; To sense what is touching us; To be aware of emotion; To witness a thought; To choose our actions; To trust the pain; To experience loving; To know the hope within uncertainty - these … Continue reading Quest For Gratitude

Want To Be Happy? Just Think About Being Generous

  Is the road to happiness lined with good intentions? A University of Zurich study cited in Science Daily, seems to indicate so. The study reports that we are neurologically hard-wired to be compassionate, loving, and kind: generous of heart. And,...   Importantly, the study revealed that just the intention to be generous is as … Continue reading Want To Be Happy? Just Think About Being Generous