20170623_173531Participant Comments


  • “Great session. informative and practical. Really enjoyed the meditation. Thank you!”
  • “EXCELLENT instructor. BEST class of the day. Informative Presentation!”
  • “Nice reminders about slowing down and regaining focus”
  • “Comforting”
  • “Great workshop! Loved the sample meditation”
  • “This is a great presentation for therapists”
  • “Useful tips & techniques on how to manage stress and start a stress free day”
  • “Helpful information on techniques to decrease stress which will help personally  in working with students”
  • “Enjoyed the presentation! Nice reminder to be compassionate to myself =)”
  • “Loved the mindfulness activity!”
  • “Very Relaxing and informative”
  • “Very relevant & useful. Thank you”
  • “Loved this!”

Average Evaluation Score: 4.5 for 90 participants.

MINDFUL MERCIES: Self-Compassion For School Counselors, Teachers, Staff   Presented for the Student Services Faculty Symposium – Pinellas County School System