On-line Tele-Therapy

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are ready to support all of your therapy needs during these complicated times. Our video platforms are easy, convenient, and secure. Teletherapy has proven to be effective in our years of using it. We are happy to answer any questions. Please contact us as usual.

Best Wishes for Safety and Health to you and your loved ones.
Together is how we will get through this.

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At DayQuest Life Counseling our concern is for the good health of all. Today, with concern growing over the Corona 19 virus, on-line therapy is a more important option than ever.

While we are taking precautions at our office — we are also highlighting online therapy sessions as an option for new and existing clients.

Whether you are looking to begin therapy, or are an existing client, please contact us in the usual ways to set a time for your teletherapy appointment.

Clients who use our online counseling services report that it is easy and effective.

There is nothing to download. We’ll guide you through every step. Just “Click-in to Begin” – It is that easy!

Please accept our very best wishes for Resilience and Good Health

HIPPA Compliant Video Partner

It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to connect to your on-line counseling session.

1. Set an appointment time with Michael

2. You will receive a secure, HIPPA compliant, encrypted link upon confirmation

3. At the scheduled time use your phone, tablet or computer and click on the link

That’s it! You are now are connected – I’ll see you in session!

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