A Powerful Force of Growth and Transformation: Your Mind!

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A More Mindful You

Mindfulness meditation is like Spring cleaning for your mind.

Heightening your awareness and acceptance of all that is in and around you: that  is what mindfulness is about.  This includes becoming more attuned to the fullness of life surrounding you, which can sometimes reveal itself in surprising ways.

A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR – also termed Mindfulness Awareness Training) course gives you the structure needed to strengthen your commitment to learn this powerful and transformational meditation practice.

What better time to do so than… well, now.

You can register HERE for the course or to sign up for updates and other workshop offerings. Use the form to reserve your space. Please indicate your location and your preferred day and time to take a class. If you’re not sure, read more about mindfulness and what a Mindfulness Awareness Training Course looks like.

Studies support many benefits

Research supports many benefits of simple practice of placing awareness on the Present Moment.

Since its founding by John Kabat-Zinn in 1978, MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – a secular distillation of Buddhist meditation, faith tradition prayer, yoga and other meditative techniques and concepts, has generated more than 2000 3000 scientific studies.

Click on the links in the next sentence and you will get some idea of the scope the science that is out there supporting meditation training for everything from pain relief to age defying brain growth to increased workplace productivity and emotional balance.

Mindfulness meditation (MBSR) is a proven, research-based method  for reducing stress,  improving relationships, managing pain, enhancing sense of well-being, strengthening memory and halting age related brain decline,  Improve workplace performance, decision-making and career longevity.

And lately, it seems a new study appears almost every week!

 leading groupBegin the Adventure of Discovery that Mindfulness Training offers.

State to Trait

In Mindfulness Awareness Training classes you will get in-depth knowledge and enough practice to set you solidly on your way to a mindful path.

Eighteen hours of instruction over 8 weeks of formal practice complemented by a commitment to practice on your own during the week creates a neural environment sufficient to begin to transform the states of calm, clarity, compassion, emotional tolerance, bravery to be present in the moment,  experienced during your meditation into traits which you then carry with you at all times.

This class is also an excellent way to refresh an established practice.

“breathing in… my body is calm;

breathing out… I smile;

knowing this is a perfect moment.”  

~Thich Nhat Hahn

Personal insight arises

women meditating
Intel Free Press CC-BY-SA-2.0

Personal insight arises from increased awareness of life’s present moment.  A variety of integrated methods are taught during a MBSR course to increase your awareness of the richness of life possible in every moment.

By creating a safe, comfortable and environment for you to have a very enriching experience, your facilitator, Michael Whalen, M.A., LMHC,  a  mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years, ensures that you are in the best position to cultivate a mindful practice.

Michael provides individualized, engaging instruction during class and is available to answer your questions in between classes. There is no substitution for what live, in-person class instruction can add to your class experience. The opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, be encouraged, for class dialogue between participants is simply not available by web-based video programs. The course experience makes this a journey of exploration, not just time you spend in front of a screen learning techniques.

A wealth of information – A solid base of mindfulness practice

Each of the 7 weekly 90 minute sessions offers engaging instruction in Mindfulness techniques:

  • focused awareness
  • noble-sitting
  • mindful eating
  • moving meditation
  • body scan
  • mindful communication
  • inner dialogue and more

In Week 8 you take time just for you. In a peaceful setting, our one day Mini-Retreat creates space for deepening personal exploration of what you have already learned: extended meditation time, practicing noble silence, eating a healthy mindful meal, engaging in gentle body movement exercises and other enhancing mindfulness practices and group interactions.

All are supported

It is important to  note that the practice can be done while sitting in a chair or lying down, as well as in traditional sitting posture.  Differences in physical condition are acknowledged and every effort is made to accommodate whatever needs arise in order to offer the practice to everyone.

Group discussion and support

Learning to be in the Present Moment
Learning to be in the Present Moment

Group support is an important aspect of the class. At each session you will have time to share your week’s experience with another person and, if you choose, with the group.

This creates additional time for reflection and engagement beneficial to retaining what you learn.Lifelong bonds have been formed in these classes.

Home Practice

Opportunities to deepen your increasing mindful awareness are supported by downloadable resources that encourage you to practice what you are learning at home between sessions.

Two guided mindfulness meditation mp3s or CDs along an e-book for your home study are provided as part of the class fee and add to the fullness of your experience.

The Strong Power of Commitment

In order for you to get the fullest benefit a daily practice 5-6 days of each week is strongly suggested.  While this may sound difficult – and it is challenging! – you will see powerful and sometimes amazing results!

It is important to remember, you are not doing this alone.  All of your classmates, your instructor, indeed, anyone who has a mindfulness practice anywhere in the world, is supporting you, just as you are supporting them.

Your Journey Doesn’t End There

You will create a follow through plan for continuing and strengthening your practice. Many participants continue contact with  fellow group members and also attend weekly practice sessions where available.  Graduates are welcome to participate in any future DayQuest Mindfulness Retreat for a nominal charge.

This class is perfect for beginners as well as those who are more experienced who are looking to reinvigorate their practice.

Begin the adventure of your lifetime!

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