How Much Is Enough?

Check out this great article in Forbes by Jeena Cho. I appreciate  the clarity she brings to the question many of my mindfulness students – and me too! – are asking: How much mindfulness practice is enough?

I love that mindfulness has so much research behind it, that the answer is evolving.

What I usually say is that it takes more energy to get a jet off the ground than it does to keep it cruising.

So, I recommend at least 20-30 minutes daily if you want to power up a mindfulness practice, with at least one longer session a week (30-45 minutes).

But, that said, it all counts! So, to keep the plane flying, or to cultivate your mindfulness garden, give it at least a little attention every day.

Even stopping for a mindful breath, bringing your attention to this moment cultivates mindfulness (can you feel your body as you sit or stand and the breath moves the body? Are you holding your hand around your cellphone right now?).

To quote a famous practicioner: “Don’t just do something: Sit there!”, as often as you can. Because this moment matters, and research indicates that your brain will show it.


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