New Mindfulness Classes in St. Petersburg


8 Session Mindfulness Awareness Training Course

Tuesday Drop-In Classes Weekly @ Noon – Station House

Mindful Awareness Training Course (MBSR-Style)

Registration is now open for the next Mindfulness Awareness Training (MAT-8) course.  Get started on your immersive journey in Mindfulness. Experience the benefits and transformational potential of Present Moment practices. Seven weekly classes combining teaching with practice. Week 8 is an off site, immersive retreat day. Get primed to receive all the benefits of a Mindfulness practice with this powerful, supportive class.

What’s Covered

A MAT-8 Course is designed to follow the basic goals of MBSR as laid out by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Namely, to give participants exposure to Mind-Body training to break the patterns of Auto-pilot living and lead them into greater Present Moment Awareness. The 8-session format is meant to give sufficient teaching, guidance and support, so that anyone can use the course to establish or renew a sustainable mindfulness practice.


Call (727) 341-9397

Fees include 7 weeks instruction in mindfulness methods and practice, interactive exercises, your daily home practices, plus and all-day immersion Retreat. Skilled instruction, group support, downloadable resources: 3 audio guides for home practice, home study e-book, mindful journal pages; mats, cushions, chairs, etc provided.

Mindfulness Course

Station House  St. Petersburg       Mindfulness, Station House, St. Petersburg 33701 DayQuest Life

Classes: – Wednesdays: 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Retreat:  – Saturday 9:00 am to 4 pm   

Registration: $405   Early Registration: $360

Call (727) 341-9397

To Register Call Michael or Fill out the form below and you will be contacted to confirm your registration. Ask about Early Registration pricing, Bring-A-Friend Discount, and *Flex Pay – Make 3 Easy Payments.

*You must contact instructor to make arrangements prior to class.

Call To Register or Leave Contact Info Below


Call (727) 341-9397

I hope to see you soon as you begin your Mindfulness Journey!


{Limited number of financial hardship partial scholarships available. Please contact instructor}

Keep reading for more details about Mindfulness and the Class

From focus on the breath, mindful eating, mindfulwoman with orange walking, mindful communication, inner dialogue and body scan, to the neuroscience supporting the benefits of Mindfulness Training for wellbeing development, participants get a wealth of both teaching and practice methods to firmly ground them in mindfulness practice.

Every session includes a quieting time, a check-in to talk about challenges and successes from the week, discussion on mindfulness topics, an  individual or group exercise, and, of course, a mindfulness practice.

In Week Eight we take a time for ourselves and retreat for a day of sitting, lying and walking mindfulness practice, observe noble silence, eat a mindful meal and share in group exercises designed to enhance insight over what we have learned and how we will go forward to keep mindfulness in our every day life. Additionally, a movement instructor will join us to further enhance the body/mind connection!

Finding the Time

Finding a dedicated time to engage in mindfulness practice is what I often hear from people as the biggest challenge in developing a practice.

mindset-743166_960_720Most people know and experience the benefits of mindfulness training, like stress-reduction or focus whenever they actually engage in mindfulness practice.

Its not that people don’t get that mindfulness helps improve focus, clarity  preserve and build brain mass & improve memory, build compassion and improve relationships in all spheres, or relieve pain (all of which increase workplace productivity); they have either experienced some of those benefits themselves, heard about it from friends or have read the scientific studies that back up those claims.

No, the biggest problem in establishing and cultivating the practice of mindfulness is making it a part of your routine. Here’s where a Mindful Awareness Training-8 (MAT-8) deep-immersion course comes in.

When you commit yourself to a class schedule, it is easier to just show up. You’ve already set it in motion; like putting your running shoes near the door to make it just that much easier to follow through. Your commitment is a form of self-care and self-empowerment that should not be overlooked.

And, research tells us that this 8 week period is essential to begin the brain changes that make mindfulness work in your life on a long lasting basis. Compared to the lasting benefits of regular mindfulness practice – which research indicates creates changes in the brain that you will carry with you – seven 90-minute sessions of engaging, enjoyable, enlightening, and empowering classes and one day retreat is really not such a long time.

Support Makes a Difference

Group support is an essential part of the experience.  It is essential to know that you will be supported the entire way – by your experienced facilitator, by your fellow brave mindfulness class members.

Group support is an essential part of the Mindfulness Training experience

You also join an informal community of people using mindfulness for their development.

Post in the DayQuest Life Mindfulness Facebook page to share your progress, challenges and resources with fellow practitioners. We are there for each other.

Consider how the positive changes that come with not having stress run your life will affect you and those around you: your family, your friends, your co-workers;

How you will feel living a life in touch and in tune with the richness contained in the Present Moment;

Of having the opportunity to be more authentically attuned to who you truly are, as well as seeing that in others.

These are some of the gifts that so many people are discovering in Mindfulness Awareness Training. I hope you’ll join us in this adventure.

Register Now

Fees include 7 weeks instruction on mindfulness methods and practice plus and all-day immersion Retreat. Instruction, 3 audio guides for home practice, home study ebook, mindful journal pages; mats, cushions, chairs, etc provided.

Registration $405    Early Registration $360  – A $45 Savings –

*Make 3 Easy Payments [Limited number of financial hardship scholarships available.*]

*You must contact instructor to make arrangement for payment prior to classregistration

Fill out the form below to register for the MAT-8 Class. I will contact you to confirm. Call or contact me 727-341-9397, if you have any questions.  Hope to see you soon!


“Open Spaces” Mindfulness- Tuesdays Noon

Our second mindfulness practice option, “Open Spaces”, is designed with ease and convenience in mind to encourage you to bring calm, focus, clarity and creativity – all benefits of mindfulness – into your work week.

Held at the Station House in downtown St. Petersburg, Open Spaces Mindfulness is the perfect way to de-stress and up-focus at mid-day with accessible mindfulness training exercises bringing calm, focus, clarity and creativity and compassion into your day.

Flexible and Accommodating

Drop in for an Open Spaces Mindfulness class. Simply come by in your work attire or everyday casual wear. No need to pre-register. You can sit on a chair or cushions, lie down on mats or even stand for this Mindfulness Training session. And don’t worry about being “on time”.  Open Spaces Mindfulness has flexibility built in to accommodate the work day experience. You can come a little later and still be able to join in. If you have to leave early, that’s okay too. All that you need to get into a relaxed and focused space is provided.

Beginners Welcome

This class is for all levels. Beginners will receive basic instruction while more experienced practitioners will appreciate a drop-in space and discussion period to support and deepen their practice.

Class elements:

  • 15 minute introduction and instruction, followed by a
  • 25-30 minute guided Mindful Awareness Practice
  • 10 minutes for questions or suggestions for continuing practice. Instructor is available after class.

For men and women; all ages and abilities accommodated as possible; diversity is encouraged.

No Sweat, No Worries

De-Stress and Up-Focus in the best No-Sweat, No-Worries workout ever.

Join us!  Drop-in Noon on Tuesdays at the Station House

Donation – No one turned away for inability to pay.

Contact me to ask about how to bring Mindfulness into your workplace!


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  1. I am very interested in the next class on MBSR. Could I be added to a list for future promotional information? Thanks.

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