Tune In! September 15 – DayQuest Life! Radio Hour with Author Saroeup Im

Tune In! 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 3:06pm!
Tune In! 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 3:06pm!

Tune in every 1st and 3rd Tuesday on RhinoOnAir.com at 3:06PM, or via podcast, for the next stimulating installment of DayQuest Life iRadio Hour.

My Guest is Saroeup Im Author of “How I Survived the Killing Fields: A Story of Hope, Love and Determination”

“… The remarkable story of… her amazing journey
through harsh conditions.. a truly inspiring testimony of the
human spirit’s triumph over the most horrible pain.”

Sara’s Quest

“Approximately 2.5 million people died in Cambodia in the 1970’s. ManySara-Im-300x300
were executed, others perished from unbelievable conditions, unspeakable pain and torment, sickness, disease, brutal hard work, unimaginably long days, insufficient food and no medical care. These were the Killing Fields”

As the quote above from the Forward of her book describes, Saroeup (Sara) Im, has come through circumstances so very difficult it is hard for us to imagine at all. And, Sara did more than survive, she came through that part of her journey strong, hopeful and determined.

Surviving The Killing Fields

Sara Im front-cover-205x300

Listen as Sara tells her compelling story of survival and hope from her book:  How I Survived the Killing Fields: A Story of Hope, Love and Determination today on DayQuest Life! Radio

Holistic Wellness Consultant

This friendly, warm and very accessible woman has a great strength which she brings to all of her efforts, including her company Smart Healthy Living TodaySara is holistic wellness consultant and Mentor. She organizes health fairs, seminars and retreats for business and entrepreneurial women. She has a MeetUp site with all of her events listed.

Learn, Explore, Discover: Tune In Tuesday!

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