Tune In! DayQuest Life! Radio Hour – Guest: Nutritionist Sarah Bingham – October 20th

Tune In! 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 3:06pm!
Tune In! 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 3:06pm!

Tune in every 1st and 3rd Tuesday on RhinoOnAir.com at 3:06PM, or via podcast, for the next stimulating installment of DayQuest Life iRadio Hour.

We will be talking about all things food – physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health – with my guest: Sarah Bingham, MS, CNS, LDN, a Certified Nutrition Specialist and SLB-Headshot-262x300Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian in the state of Florida.

Sarah’s Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts, BS in Early Childhood Development from Tuft’s University and 35 years experience in helping people achieve wellness, well qualifies her to discuss the important, essential links between food and wellbeing.

She is the co-author of Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide. Visit her website: Fast Food Healing.com and discover the importance of food and Gut Health.

Sarah is founder and owner of Concierge Wellness Coach, a personal nutrition and health wellness coaching service.

“I believe in the profound connection between our bodies, minds, spirits, and simple, pure, well-made food. Food is the foundation.  I am always teaching … that the way we nurture ourselves… has a profound effect upon … overall health.  That is my devotion. “

Sarah’s Quest

As Sara says: “Good foodpineapple-300x200 is just that, good food. It’s simple. Good thoughts are just that, good.  Good spiritual practices (whatever the path) are just that, good;  always moving toward more and more love, grace, and gratitude.

Science has proven that these three disciplines are directly connected with optimum well being.  Food has energy.  Energy feeds our body.  Real, organic, food prepared with love has lots more energy than a food artifact found in a box or can.  I think we all intuitively know this on some level.”

A Big Discovery

As a youth, Sarah took a trip from Switzerland to Nepal with her brother – in a VW Beetle! As she will tell us, It was an amazing adventure! Important things happened to her health on that trip which led to Sarah’s quest to learn about the essential role nutrition and gut health play in health.

She then began working with children who had behavioral problems and helped parents understand how unhealthy the typical American diet is and taught them how changing to a whole food diet made huge differences in the children’s behavior. We’ll ask Sarah about some of these profound experiences.

Psychology of Gut HealthEscherichiaColi_NIAID

We will discuss the recent findings about links between depression and other mental health issues and the pro-biotics of the Gut. How there are a “myriad of things in our culture that are killing off our 4 pounds of good guy bacteria in our gut.  Factors like birth control pills, antibiotics, most prescription drugs, extreme stress can cause the bad guy bacteria in our gut to proliferate”, and what we can do to assist our natural healing mechanisms of the mind/bodi to restore optimum wellness.

Concierge Wellness Coach

You will hear Sarah’s intelligent, warm and humorous approach to her Nutritional Coaching program. As a Wellness Coach, Sarah comes to your home, sits in the kitchen, where it all happens, and helps you devise a personalized Four Weeks to Wellness Program for you and/or your family. She is available for coaching via Skype, as well.

Learn, Explore, Discover: Tune In Tuesday!

You are sure to learn something new, explore new ideas and be engaged in stimulating discussion of how Sarah Bingham DayQuests through Life!

Tune in to WSPF-DB, “Your Favorite Friendly Internet Radio Station” 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – or the anytime via podcast or YouTube – for stimulating conversation about living life optimally and questing for the answer to the question: “What is Life asking of you today?”, the Poetry Pause, Mindful Minute and more!

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