Retirement – A Gateway In the New Age of Aging

portalI am honored & excited to be facilitating a workshop: “Retirement – A Gateway” at the Aging Well labryinthCenter in Clearwater, Fl.

We will be exploring what “retirement” looks like in the New Age of Aging. Even the definitions don’t seem to fit anymore.  A great many boomer gens have embraced healthy attitudes and lifestyles. As a result, a retirement age of 65 may mean 20 to 30 years, or more, of life ahead.

New models for aging are now coming to the forefront as we stay younger longer and delay the onset of physical and mental deterioration. The idea sitting on the rocking chair watching the world go by, or having a golf game once a week as the only activity are either long gone or at least long delayed. Since they are more free to choose what they want to do, many people are looking to use this time to create a legacy or contribute in a meaningful and significant way that is closer to the truth of who they are.

As with any threshold, the post-career gateway is a call for creating a meaningful, resilient, mindful life – as we change roles from work a life to a new path which may include work, volunteering, travel, rest time, family time, writing… the possibilities are up to you.

This workshop series offers you the opportunity to explore your definition of what post-career life means through reflection and contemplation, clarify the values that are central to you as a means to create a vision of the life you wish to bring into being at this time. Practical exercises, discussion, outside reading are provided for you to develop  milestones you will set to bring your value-driven vision alive through meaningful action steps that are just the right pace for you.

We will finish with a special ritual symbolizing your stepping across the threshold through this developmental gateway into the exciting and challenging times ahead.

Please join me:pebble path

  • Part 1 – New Definitions and Roles September 9 at 3:00,
  • Part 2: Values and Visions – October 14; and
  • Part 3: Strengths, Milestones, Steps and a Gateway Ritual – November 11 .

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