Payment Plan: Simple, Flexible, Easy, Fair

A Path To Payment

Simple – Flexible – Easy – Fair

Payment Plan

An installment payment plan is really a straightforward pathway to make fees affordable. Part of the DayQuest Life philosophy is to make counseling available to as many as possible, in a manner that is equitable for all concerned.

My fee range is $150 to 90/session hour (Avg $108). When using sliding scale or payment plans, we determine your fee based on your net worth (from income tax returns) using the latest federal guidelines for poverty levels as a guide.

Here’s how it works:

We agree upon a fee per session hour. At the time of service you pay what your insurance company would pay per service or a minimum of $60. I put the remainder on account, secured by your credit card. When services stop or pause, or at a time we agree on, I will bill your credit card the same amount you have been paying in installments until your balance is paid in full.

For example:

I see you 10 times @ $100/session. You pay me $60 at the time of service and we put the remaining $40 on your account. This leaves a balance of $400 for the 10 sessions. At an agreed upon frequency, say every two weeks, I will bill your credit card $60 until the balance is paid.  In this case, that would be only 6.6 more payments. That’s it. If you need to make smaller payments over a longer period, we’ll discuss it and can make that part of our agreement.

I don’t charge any interest on the balance, so it is like an interest free loan or like a layaway account, except that you get the services right away, when you need them. There is a small service fee of 3.5% to cover the credit card costs I incur in processing the payment, but that is only on the payment amount (e.g. $60 payment = $2.10).

Of course, you can elect to pay off the account at any time.

I hope this simple, flexible, easy and fair plan makes counseling services more available to more people when they need them. Please feel free to ask about how we can put this plan in place for you.