“Ok, A Mindful Mouse; Really!?”

"Ok", I thought, "using a mouse to explain mindfulness - too cute". But, hey, this mouse is really grounded! Check out this animation posted on Happify.com A couple of things though: Even though the mouse is correct in saying you don't need anything, including joining a group, a Mindful Awareness Training course is helpful in: … Continue reading “Ok, A Mindful Mouse; Really!?”

Five Ways for Teachers to Recharge This Summer

Five Ways for Teachers to Recharge This Summer. Say, "Thank You!" to a teacher this week. Tell them about these 5 creative ways to recharge this summer! Send them this article from The Greater Good Science Center, which, according to their website: "...has been at the fore of a new scientific movement to explore the … Continue reading Five Ways for Teachers to Recharge This Summer

Petition for 3-Digit Suicide Hotline Number

Two-thirds of gun related deaths are suicides. Older men are the highest percentage of suicides and growing. Veterans and teens have high rates of suicide. Most suicides are impulsive in nature, reactions to bleakest moments. Access to care must be immediate and easy. A 3-digit Suicide Prevention Hotline is a good step to make reaching … Continue reading Petition for 3-Digit Suicide Hotline Number

A Man of Heart and Courage

Joe Biden: A man of heart and courage... not just for coming through the difficulty, but for having the courage to open his heart and talk about his real feelings - a model for men and women everywhere. If "we are all Joe" today, then finding the courage to speak the truth of our hearts … Continue reading A Man of Heart and Courage

Take a Break – Stop and See!

Take a Break - Stop and See! Really looking at what is around and within you is a good addition to your mindfulness practice. Each time you practice you strengthen your mindful brain! And, like playing the piano, being mindful takes practice. That's the sort-of-bad news. The good news is twofold: I've never left a … Continue reading Take a Break – Stop and See!

Please consider supporting this charity

Please consider supporting this charity founded by a local Gulfport woman. FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. "FORCE is the only national nonprofit organization devoted to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Our mission includes support, education, advocacy, awareness, and research specific to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Our programs serve anyone with a … Continue reading Please consider supporting this charity

So you say to a friend: “I’m going to

So you say to a friend: "I'm going to my practitioner today for treatment to deal with this discomfort I've had for a long time. I just want to take care of it and feel better!" They say: "Oh, that's good. I'm really glad you're taking care of yourself."... Unless your practitioner happens to be … Continue reading So you say to a friend: “I’m going to

Mindfulness Therapy as Effective as Meds

Mindfulness Therapy as Effective as Medication for Depression? YES! This study shows similar rates of success for Mindfulness(brain training)-CBT (changes in thinking) Therapy VS anti-depressants. Both may be helpful, but, it is nice to know there are effective choices! Hmmm, mindfulness training or meds? Which would you choose? http://ow.ly/M2VUb

Healing the Wounded Heart

I am very grateful for being invited to the Aging Well Center in Clearwater, Fl to present "Healing the Wounded Heart - An Overview of Trauma and Treatments" on February 12. I spoke about several approaches to healing trauma including the Resilience model of Dr. Alicia Salzer and other positive psychology proponents. Emotional Freedom Technique … Continue reading Healing the Wounded Heart