Try Mindfulness Meditation – On Me! Tuesdays 2/16 thru 3/22

this breath.

Come by for all or one of these 7 weekly complimentary Introduction to Mindfulness Training sessions.  See for yourself why so many people are joining in with the Mindfulness Revolution. They are reporting (and research backs them up!) increased focus, greater self awareness, better empathy and communication, improved memory, relief from depression, anxiety, pain control and more.

Tuesdays: February 16, 23,  March 1, 8, 15, 22; 7 – 8PM.

You will learn basic mindfulness (which is non-religious), techniques, its many benefits, the neuro-science behind mindfulness and stress relief, helpful apps, why classes help establish a practice, and more. In each session you will also have the opportunity to experience mindfulness meditation for yourself and take it home with you!greater good brain

This is such a simple and powerful practice with the potential for personal and community transformation that, as an act of service, I feel compelled to offer these  7 complimentary sessions. My intention is to create the opportunity for more people to learn about and participate in this life changing practice, and perhaps begin a mindfulness practice of their own.

You may come for one or come for all these basic sessions. Each will offer some different aspect of what mindfulness is or a way of practicing mindfulness and will include time for meditation.

You may donate if you wish. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Space is very limited per session.  Contact me at through my website to reserve your place to be sure to get a seat.

See you there!


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