“Ok, A Mindful Mouse; Really!?”

“Ok”, I thought, “using a mouse to explain mindfulness – too cute”. But, hey, this mouse is really grounded! Check out this animation posted on Happify.com

A couple of things though: Even though the mouse is correct in saying you don’t need anything, including joining a group, a Mindful Awareness Training course is helpful in: 1) learning underlying concepts and methods and 2) having group support.

Both help your motivation to really establish mindfulness as powerful lifetime practice and get going on the greatest benefits like focus, concentration, self-awareness, better communication and stress relief. Its like a really pleasant boot camp or a mindspa for your mind/body.

See the video on the Optimal Human Modulation blog by Steven Sumner HERE.

And please contact me for information about how a Mindfulness Awareness Training (MBSR) course can be helpful to you.

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