Healing the Wounded Heart

I am very grateful for being invited to the Aging Well Center in Clearwater, Fl to present “Healing the Wounded Heart – An Overview of Trauma and Treatments” on February 12.

DSC04298I spoke about several approaches to healing trauma including the Resilience model of Dr. Alicia Salzer and other positive psychology proponents. Emotional Freedom Technique commonly known as EFT and “tapping”; Prolonged Exposure or PE, one of the main methods currently used by the VA in treatment of Vets with PTSD; and Accelerated Resolution Therapy – ART in which I have trained with the founder, Lannie Rozenweig.

I also discussed the basic elements of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation which provide a great basis for resiliency for those who practice it regularly. See my other posts for for more information on Mindfulness Training.

A.R.T. Getting Very Good Results

I am really happy to say that I am getting some really good reports from clients with whom I have used the Accelerated Resolution Therapy – ART method. It is getting some really good results in my work with these clients in resolving childhood issues, anxiety, phobias and complex trauma events. Of course, I use ART along with other counseling and psychotherapy methods in my practice.

Clients are saying that it is easy to do since they don’t have to verbalize the trauma story over and over again, or not at all, if they choose not to.

“Put Away in a Pocket”

One client recently reported a longstanding issue which, when she brought it to mind, raised her anxiety to a 9 of 10 level. After just one session of ART she reported that the issue now seemed as if it were “put away like it was in a pocket somewhere”. The memory just did not elicit any emotional response. She reported it was now down a zero on the anxiety scale. It is so good to see someone’s emotional distress just melt away.* (*This experience may or may not be typical.)

You can see some video reports on ART being used here.

When used in combination with mindfulness and other resilience strategies, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is helping people to heal issues quickly and maintain good mental hygiene, making for a healthy and happier existence, well beyond the limiting trauma experience.

I will post video of this presentation soon.

Please leave a comment on what has been helpful to you in resolving trauma issues.


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