Starting September 30 – Mindfulness Trai

Starting September 30 – Mindfulness Training meditation class! Take a Journey into Mindfulness: Tap into a powerful force of transformation and growth – You!

Join us for an 8 week adventure of self discovery and transformation. Learn Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the very calming and beautiful Mind of Light Studio conveniently located 1200 66th St N, St Pete. 6:30 – 8pm. Register at or contact me for details.

This is a gentle but brave quest, but well worth it!

The Pressures of the world can take us out of the present moment. With Mindfulness Training you can take your life back one moment at a time. What would you do with access to increased Focus and Concentration, Joy, Compassion, Communication & Emotional Intelligence in your Moment to Moment world?
Mindfulness is a powerful transformational practice which can enhance your experience of life as you move from unconscious autopilot to gentle, bare attention of the present moment and conscious choice making from the most powerful place: your essential being and inner knowing. Reserve your space today.


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