Active Hope: Facing Crisis Without Going Crazy

How does Climate Change and other global crises affect you?

Grandparents at the People's Climate Change March NYC
Grandparents at the People’s Climate Change March NYC

How do you deal with the impact climate change effects will have on your children and grandchildren?

Join me for a FREE Presentation: Active Hope: How maintain perspective in times of crisis: Thursday, September 25, 1:00 – 2:30 pm at the Aging Well Center, 1501 Belcher Avenue, Clearwater, Fl. An engaging, interactive presentation and discussion of what Joanna Macy calls “The Great Turning”.

2014-09-22 22.11.16This past Sunday 311,000 people marched in NYC in a call for awareness of and action on Climate Change. (I was one of them). The impacts of this globally shifting phenomenon have already begun to be seen and are devolving at a rate even faster than had been prognosticated.

How we deal with this greatest of humanitarian challenges in the face of what may seem as overwhelming circumstances is important in order to not get stuck in denial, depression and apathy and adopt and attitude which works to continue to move forward with our best efforts. It is necessary for us to face the reality of this situation and to feel the feelings we have when we do.

Fierce Compassion: A Courageous Approach
Fierce Compassion: A Courageous Approach

In doing so we contact and allow the vital energy that is contained therein and be moved by that energy. Not doing so let’s us drift into apathy by being overwhelmed by circumstances and looking for solutions outside of ourselves. This Moment is calling for us to individually answer what is calling from

inside of ourselves to be done. When we are numb we loose this energy or try to distract from it. We must find new ways to contact these deep emotions: Fierce compassion, courage, being in the moment and allowing what we are led to do as being enough are some ways to address this Moment.
In this timely presentation you will learn the: 3 ingredients to Active Hope; 3 Phases of the Great Turning; Explore the difference between resilient hope and being overwhelmed by hopes unfulfilled; Experience your own responses to these essential changes occurring on the Planet; Understand how vital it is to address this global issue from a personal perspective.

See you Thursday!! – Aging Well Center – 1501 Belcher Ave., Clearwater – 1 PM – FREE


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