Mindful Fee Arrangements

An Experiment in Flow

I am trying an experiment based on principles of flow, prosperity, economic justice and mutual benefit.

Living in the Flow
Living in the Flow

I am opening up the fee process for Mindfulness Awareness Training (MBSR) – which has the potential to transform you for a lifetime – to support two important objectives:

  1.  Allow more people to benefit from learning and developing a mindfulness practice; and
  2. To support my continuing ability to provide this service to more people.

How much is it worth?

The easy answer is:  You choose.  That is the shorthand for creating “A mindful arrangement”.

As a participant you are involved in the fee arrangement you want to create.  You will offer a fee arrangement based on perceived benefit, circumstance and ability. You should check in with how comfortable you feel around the decision.  What level of fee feels right and fair… for both parties… That is the measure.

The understanding is that everyone is contributing to the flow of prosperity in a way in which they, and all, will benefit at an optimum level.  It is a process of weighing the benefits, choosing a position which allows all, including the instructor, to prosper, and feel good about it because it is the right fit. It is important to be aware that what you are receiving is many years of gathered experience, which, once you acquire the information and cultivate a practice – will last you a lifetime.

Thinking and Feeling

As you can see, it is a decision based on both intellect and feeling.  Whatever amount anyone is considering, they are encouraged to also consider the energetic results of that action. I trust it will be a choice of living in the flow of prosperity and making the decision based on joy:  a feeling of being aligned in spirit, thought, word and deed.

A Question of Joy

The real question in this, and many other decisions, is: “What will bring me the most joy?”
Where along the range a participant chooses is based on their understanding that they must contribute to this energy exchange in a way which is meaningful to them, so that they might open themselves to benefit optimally. Only you can decide that based on how you feel around the decision.

Two Parts to the Equation

The other end of the conversation is equally important. If there are only low fee paying offers, it will leading grouptake more of them to fulfill the obligations and financial needs of the instructor. There may be a limit, at my discretion, to the number of low-end fees accepted.

If a student is asking for a discounted fee they may be asked to disclose their financial situation, including providing latest tax returns, to prove financial status. The term “Low income” is may not be the best term to use here as it may not actually reflect available resources. A tax return will more accurately account for total availability of resources. All fee arrangement agreements are ultimately at the discretion of the instructor.

Even though it is a bit more complex, a mindful fee arrangement  is a more open and enlivening process.

More Accessible

My hope is that this will may the class more accessible to more people and create a diverse experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the program, the fees, the class, other counseling or coaching services.



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