Please tune in to 1250 AM radio WHNZ or

Please tune in to 1250 AM radio WHNZ or watch the live web stream at 1100 am on Monday, March 10. I will be a guest on the Caregiver Hour hosted by Kim Linder of the Caregiver Resource Network . The topic will be Mindfulness. I am grateful to Kim for the opportunity to be on the show. Its my second time to be a guest and I am very excited. Also appearing is author Amanda Owen talking about her book “Born to Receive”.

It will be an engaging and interesting show. I will be talking about the origins, benefits and exciting research around Mindfulness training and how to apply in everyday life.

If you miss it tune into my website and I will post a link to the broadcast as soon at is available. I also have information about mindfulness and classes that are ongoing or forming.

I hope you can tune in @ 11:00 Monday!


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Now A Radio Show Just for You

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March 10, 2014
“The Positive Effects of Mindfulness”

Join our Host of The Caregiver Hour, Kim Linder
11 am -12 noon on 1250 AM WHNZ
with our guests

Amanda Owen
of “Born to Receive”
Michael Whalen, M.A., LMHC
Counselor, Coach and Consultant
at Mindful Solutions

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A radio show that empowers caregivers
to create balance and joy in their lives
while caring for a loved one.
Amanda Owen & Michael Whalen
Amanda Owen Michael Whalen

Call in toll FREE at 877-897-8255 with your questions during the show or ichat below the video screen in chat box to have them answered on air!

You can reach Kim anytime via her email


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