Writing About Emotions Is Proven To Be Helpful

Writing about emotions is proven to be helpful


In my Mindfulness Training program we use journaling as a way to deepen the experience and act as a catalyst to transformation.

Beginning October 14th. Visit my website for details. http://ow.ly/pyiOS

James Pennebaker’s top tips for expressive writing:

1. Ask yourself if you need to write. If you find yourself thinking about something too much, dreaming about it or obsessing about it in some way, writing could be beneficial.

2. Promise yourself you’ll write for a minimum of 15 minutes a day for three or four days.

3. Don’t worry about spelling.

4. Write for yourself, not for an audience: this is not a letter to someone, this is for you.

5. Plan on destroying what you’ve written, though whether or not you actually destroy it doesn’t matter.



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